National Research University MPEI

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, MPEI
Adress: Krasnokazarmennaya 14, Moscow, 111250 Russia

The development process of the Moscow National Energy University MPEI

Moscow National Research University “MPEI” (Moscow Energy Institute) – Leading Russian University in the field of energy, electrical engineering, radio engineering, electronics, information technology and management. Founded in 1930.

In 1992, the MPEI received the status of the Technical University, and in 2010 received the status of the National Research University

At present, 15,000 undergraduates and 650 graduate students are enrolled in the MPEI. In МPEI there are 12 institutes, 65 departments, 176 research laboratories, a pilot plant, a unique CHP.

There are 12 institutes within the MPEI, including 9 institutes that train specialists in the field of technology: Institute of Power Machinery and Mechanics, Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering, Institute of Power Engineering Efficiency Problems, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Electrical Power Engineering, Institute of Automatics and Computer Engineering, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Institute of Hydropower and Renewable Energy, Military Engineering Institute, Institute of the Humanities and Applied Sciences, Engineering-Economic Institute, Institute of Remote and Additional Education.

The teaching staff consists of 1,560 people (17% of whom are professors and 56% are associate professors), 7 academicians and academic correspondents of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 262 doctors of science and 715 doctors.

Since 1946, MPEI began to prepare scientific and technical personnel for other countries. MPEI began teaching Vietnamese students since 1954 (65 years ago).

MPEI has trained a large number of highly qualified personnel for countries around the world. Currently, over 900 students and researchers from 68 countries are enrolled in the MPEI (including 59 bachelors and masters, 15 graduate students in Vietnam). Since 1995, MPEI is allowed to teach in English.

Moscow National Energy University was awarded the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Medal in 1978 and the First Class Labor Medal in 2015 in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Also in 2015, MPEI cadres: Rector ND Rogalev, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation VN Zamolodchikov, Acad. prof. Department of General Technology and Atomic Synthesis, Head of the Laboratory of Plasma Technology, Shi Nguyen-Kuok and Professor Zorin V.N. Nuclear Electronics Station was awarded the Friendship Medal – the noble title of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.