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Sci-tech InformationOpen the door for Vietnam to enter the high-tech world

Open the door for Vietnam to enter the high-tech world


Recently VinIT Institute of Technology has acted to open the door for Vietnam to enter the high-tech world. VinIT is an Institute established a few months ago, directly under the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Vietnam.

The leader of the Institute is Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, head of the Laboratory of the Moscow Institute of Electrical Engineering, who received the Russian President’s award. While working effectively in Russia, Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok established close working relationships with many Russian scientists. He also attracted colleagues to the idea of creating an International Center, which can support the dissemination and application of the most advanced modern technology achievements in Vietnam.

In an interview with Vietnam Sputnik, Prof. Dr.Sc Shi Nguyen-Kuok said:

“We look forward to working with our Russian colleagues that the new institute will be the foundation for our joint work as well as those of scientists from other countries towards ensuring technology support for the The most diverse production process in Vietnam. This project meets the aspirations of the leaders of the two countries, which we have prepared in several years. Although the Institute was established not long ago, it began to engage in activities to Vietnam scientists and manufacturers from Russia. We hope that the Institute will be a link between the two countries’ scientific and production activities, a useful common home. I firmly believe that it fulfills the task of effectively developing partnerships between our two countries. ”

Among the activities mentioned by Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, there are inventions of technology materials to preserve Vietnam’s historical relics, namely conservation of My Son ancient tower complex. At the beginning of July, at the invitation of the Institute, a group of leading experts from two world-famous scientific institutions of Saint Petersburg were the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Problems Electricity, visited Vietnam. Russian scientific guests introduced to Vietnamese colleagues and businessmen to familiarize themselves with advanced technology to create solar energy, which is a very current content for Vietnam after stopping the electricity nuclear project -, and with new water filtration system projects serving both domestic and industrial needs, with the ability to use plasma in removing landfill as well as in health – to treat wounds and inflammation, and in the aviation industry – to increase the speed of aircraft and missiles.

In the interview of Sputnik Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Quang Liem, Director of Institute of Materials Science (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) expressed his belief that “the synergies with VinIT in the activities have Active participation of Russian scientists will be very useful for Vietnamese scientists and businesses ”.

“The establishment of the Institute is an excellent continuation of the long-term and effective cooperation tradition of our two countries, in which Vietnam has received from Russia a team of excellent experts. All that Russian scientists show us this time, I think is very precious and timely. I am confident that the implementation of projects proposed by the Russian side will bring great benefits to Vietnam, ”said Director Nguyen Quang Liem.

Projects proposed by Russian scientists have received good feedback from members of the international conference organized by the Institute in Hanoi, as well as Russian experts attending and the leadership of VinIT, Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh and Mr. Phan Xuan Dung – Member of the Standing Committee, Chairman of the Committee for Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly of Vietnam.

VinIT has signed a cooperation document with a series of Vietnamese investment companies, which are interested in the Institute’s projects. Specifically, there is an agreement with “Phu Binh Group” Investment Joint Stock Company and VinIT Institute of Technology.

The signing ceremony of cooperation agreement between “Phu Binh Group” Investment Joint Stock Company and VinIT Institute of Technology

Alexei Syunnerberg

Resource: vn.sputniknews.com


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