Plasma Gasification Technology for solid waste treatment


Solid waste treatment is always a serious problem, especially in big cities such as Hanoi, HCMC, Danang … The fact that solid waste causes environmental pollution and affects the socio- economic life and human health.
According to statistics, the amount of solid waste discharged in urban areas of Vietnam is currently about 38.000 t/day with an average increase of 12% per year. The amount of organic waste is about 54-77%; recycle waste (Plastic and metal components) is about 8-18%.

There are a number of different waste treatment technologies for the disposal, recycling, storage, or energy recovery from different waste types: Landfill, biological waste treatment, gasification. These technologies have many disadvantages and often cause serious consequences for the environment: air and water pollution, seriously affect our daily activities and quality of life.
The lack of classification system makes solid waste in Vietnam unable to classify. Therefore, solid waste treatment in Vietnam is extremely difficult than other countries.
Meanwhile, the tendency of waste treatment is Plasma – the most advanced and thorough technology that gasifies solid waste, including toxic, such as medical waste, industrial waste and do not cause environmental pollution.
Nowadays, there are a number of small factories using Plasma Gasification Technology in the world such as Japan, USA, Canada, Russia, India…The reasons Plasma Technology has not been widely applied are high investment rate and special techniques. The cost of researching, designing and producing using Plasma technology is much higher than biological-technology or normal incineration technology.

Organizational Capacity to implement

Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok – Chairman of VinIT Institute of Technology is a Plasma Physics and Technology scientist who has been involved in developing “Plasma Gasification Technology project” for many years in Russia.
Russian Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, Moscow Power Engineering Institute and some other Institutions of Russia – Partner of VinIT Institute of Technology are the leading research units of Plasma Gasification field in the world.


  • Research on Plasma incineration process for application in solid waste.
  • Building designing, manufacturing, testing capacity for 200-300kW Plasma torches using for solid waste treatment technology.
  • Manufacturing Plasma incinerators with a capacity of 250 t/day.

Expected product
State 1
Overview report on the theory of Plasma Gasification technology and analysis of patient information for Plasma Gasification technology;
01 plasma burner with a capacity of 200-300kW
Test results reporting of Plasma burners.
State 2
Overview report and analysis of patient information for plasma incinerator;
Design of incinerator and Plasma burner;
01 Plasma incinerator with a capacity of 250t/day;
Test results reporting of Plasma incinerator;
1-2 patent applications for 200-300 kW plasma incinerators, plasma burners with a capacity of 250 t/day.

Application possibilities

Demand for solid waste treatment is high, especially those not creating toxic gases. When the technology is finished, it can be applied in almost every cities, and can be exported to other countries.


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