Plasma technology disinfection system – new “weapon” in the fight against pandemic “COVID-19”



No radiation, no chemicals and completely safe for humans and the environment – VinIT Institute of Technology successfully manufactured a plasma technology disinfection system.

In the fight against “COVID-19” in Vietnam, there was the participation of scientists. On April 20, 2020, VinIT announced that it has successfully tested the plasma technology disinfection system. This is the first system in the world to apply this technology to large-scale surface disinfection for people and equipment, contributing to preventing cross-contamination and eliminating viruses.

To better understand this invention and its importance in the fight against “COVID-19” today, Sputnik interviewed Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, Professor of Moscow National Energy University, President VinIT Institute of Technology. Sputnik would like to introduce you to the interview.

VinIT successfully tested the plasma technology disinfection system

Sputnik: Hello, Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok! Thank you very much for your time with Sputnik.

VinIT Institute of Technology has successfully tested the plasma technology disinfection system. Could you tell us about the capabilities of this plasma technology disinfection system, especially in current anti-epidemic?

Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, Chairman of VinIT Technology Institute: VinIT scientists have independently researched and successfully created the plasma technology disinfection system. This is a completely new technology that uses cold plasma sources, creating large amounts of negative ions that work very well to kill viruses and bacteria on people and equipment. It can help fight community infection and eradicate coronavirus during the current COVID-19 pandemic. To counteract this pandemic there are basically two tasks scientists have to deal with: the first is to prepare the vaccine and the second is to prevent the spread of infection to the community. The technology we invented basically can help solve the second task.


Previously, VinIT Institute of Technology has also successfully manufactured the plasma technology disinfection testing system for testing, evaluating the effectiveness of the technology as well as a model for designing and manufacturing a large disinfection system for people and equipment. VinIT scientists conducted nearly 1,000 samples of testing bacteria and mice. Good test results demonstrate the practical application efficiency of plasma disinfection mechanisms.

We have made inventions and radical improvements in technology and science to be able to use low-energy, low-power cold plasma sources for large-scale surface disinfection. The disinfection system of VinIT Institute of Technology uses high-voltage, high-frequency cold plasma sources capable of disinfecting the surface of humans, medical devices, masks, protective clothing, paper money, equipment electronics, smartphones and other disinfectant items, which can contribute to anti-cross infection and coronavirus removal during this COVID-19 pandemic.

In principle of this technology: Cold plasma flows have low atomic and ionic temperatures <40oC, but the temperature of large electron particles above 10,000 K, electron particle density 1010 – 1013 cm-3, charged particles and ions due to ionization of air and Argon gas (Ar +, N2+, N2, O2+, O2 …), diverse active components O, OH, O*, O2*, O3*, NOx, ultraviolet UV (wavelength 180 – 400 nm). Therefore, it has many mechanisms with high bactericidal, fungicidal and virological effects, very good application, can replace antibiotics, disinfectant solution, kill virus on the surface and in the air.

No radiation, no chemicals and completely safe for humans and the environment

Sputnik: What are the disinfectant advantages and effectiveness of this Disinfection System, professor?

Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, Chairman of VinIT Technology Institute:

Our technology system has advanced plasma disinfection, non-radioactive, non-chemical and completely safe mechanisms for human and environment. Biomedical tests on samples of Gram+ and Gram bacteria attached on the surface of clothes, resulted in disinfection results of over 99.9% (3log10) with less than 03 minutes in the disinfection chamber and over 90% (log10) with time less than 01 minute. The high disinfectant efficiency of this technology is due to the use of ion gas from plasma emitters compared to chemical solutions. Negative ions have a high ability to oxidize, kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms including mold, yeast, spores, and even parasites. In addition, ionic gas by cold plasma technology has the ability to disinfect and kill viruses deep inside the surface of complex structures on people and equipment.

Our plasma technology disinfection chamber system has a unique design, applying many of the world’s technological and technological innovations in the field of cold plasma. The system integrates 200 plasma generators created, improved and manufactured by VinIT Institute of Technology, together with other necessary auxiliary systems. The system works stably at normal temperature and atmospheric pressure, using only water and Ar gas, no chemicals, no radiation, no heavy metals, electromagnetic fields at safe thresholds, Simple configuration, easy operation, low cost, does not create secondary pollution, completely safe for humans and environmentally friendly.

System of disinfection of surface and coronavirus in isolated area against infection of hospitals

Compared with the conventional disinfection methods (using chemical solutions) that we are spraying in areas with pollution levels, at risk of coronavirus current, plasma technology has the following advantages:

  • Broad impact on bacteria and viruses;
  • Quick acting in the natural environment under normal temperature and atmospheric pressure;
  • Not affected by environmental factors;
  • Absolutely safe, no chemicals, no toxic, no fire and explosion;
  • Do not harm metal tools as well as rubber and plastic;
  • Lasting effect on treated surface;
  • Easy to use for people and equipment;
  • Odorless or no unpleasant odor;
  • Ability to quickly clean the surface of medical instruments, supplies and people;
  • High economic efficiency. Plasma technology: Not just for medical – healing field.

Sputnik: It is known that VinIT has registered the invention of this technology. When will the plasma technology disinfection system be introduced into society?

Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, Chairman of VinIT Technology Institute:

VinIT has registered the invention of this technology and is carrying out the procedure of quality assessment, setting up a base standard to soon bring this technology product to society.

We have successfully applied plasma technologies in a number of fields including:

Medical field – treatment of open wounds, incisions, burns, diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, used in dermatology for fungi, eczema and applied in cosmetology to heal wound scars; Processing and preserving of agricultural products and foodstuffs – killing viruses, bacteria, molds and other microorganisms, applying to handling and preserving agricultural products and foodstuffs, including vegetables, tubers, tropical fruits, meat, fish and fresh foods from agricultural and livestock products;

VinIT scientists fabricated and successfully tested plasma technology disinfection system

Environmental protection – treatment of all types of waste, domestic wastewater, health care, husbandry, shrimp-raising water, polluted ponds and lakes, wastewater from printing, dyeing, etc.

Products of VinIT Institute of Technology are cheaper than other similar products in the world because we have a team of senior scientists and experts at home and abroad, with years of experience in various fields, mastering plasma technologies is active, from design to manufacturing.

Sputnik: Is the plasma technology disinfection system a work of Vietnamese scientists or a collaboration with foreign scientists?

Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, Chairman of VinIT Technology Institute:

We have very effective cooperation of Russian experts from Moscow National Energy University (НИУ «МЭИ»). We are very grateful for this cooperation and this is a testament to the friendship and effective cooperation of Vietnamese and Russian scientists.

Sputnik: According to the professor, is this disinfection system likely to become an export item of Vietnam?

Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok, Chairman of VinIT Technology Institute:

This disinfection system can completely become an export item of Vietnam and we look forward to contributing to the world’s scientists to repel this COVID-19 pandemic. Based on its new research, VinIT Institute of Technology has developed the design of surface disinfection and coronavirus elimination system for receiving patients’ input systems of hospitals and crowded places and System of disinfection of surface and coronavirus in isolated areas of the hospital. We hope our high-tech products can meet the reality of COVID-19 prevention.

Sputnik: Thanks again to the professor for interviewing Sputnik. Wish Vietnam and the whole world to win the pandemic!

By Hoang Hoa, Sputniknews.


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