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Our Tech projectsPlasma Technology for medical, hazardous waste treatment

Plasma Technology for medical, hazardous waste treatment

There are a number of different waste treatment technologies for the disposal, recycling, storage, or energy recovery from different waste types: Landfill, biological waste treatment, gasification. These technologies have many disadvantages and often cause serious consequences for the environment: air and water pollution, seriously affect our daily activities and quality of life.
Meanwhile, the tendency of waste treatment is Plasma – the most advanced and thorough technology that gasifies solid waste, including toxic, such as medical waste, industrial waste and do not cause environmental pollution.
Medical waste is discharged from medical facilities in urban areas including central hospitals; district hospitals in the city area; private health facilities…

According to statistics, the current increase in medical waste is 7.6%/ year. Estimated in 2015, the amount of medical solid waste discharged is 600 tons/day and in 2020 will be 800 tons/day.
In HaNoi, according to Department of health survey, the amount of medical waste from medical facilities ( excluding Central Hospital) in 2014 was about 3000 tons.


  • Research on Plasma incineration process for application in medical waste, toxic and hazardous substances treatment.
  • Building designing, manufacturing capacity and testing 70 kW plasma torches using for medical waste treatment technology.
  • Mastering the technology of manufacturing plasma burners.
  • Manufacturing plasma incinerators with a capacity of 150-300 kg/h.

Expected product

  1. State 1
    Overview report on the theory of Plasma Gasification technology and analysis of patent information for Plasma Gasification technology;
    01 plasma burner with a capacity of 70kW
    Test results reporting of Plasma burners.
  2. State 2:
    Overview report and analysis of patent information for plasma incinerator;
    Design of incinerator and Plasma burner;
    01 Plasma incinerator with a capacity of 150-300 kg/h;
    Test results reporting of Plasma incinerator;
    1-2 patent applications for 70kW plasma incinerators, plasma burners with a capacity of 150-300 kg/h.

Application possibilities

Demand for medical waste treatment, toxic substances is high, especially those not creating toxic gases. Therefore, the ability of an application Plasma technology is high. When the technology is finished, it can be applied in almost every small cities, medical facilities nationwide and can be exported to other countries.


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