Plasma gasification technology is a completely new technology in the world. The outstanding advantage of gasification plasma technology is that it does not need to treat or classify waste as other methods and technologies, especially does not create toxic gases such as Dioxin, Furan (the source of cancer).

The application project of Plasma gasification technology has been conducted research and experiment over the years by Prof. Aca. Shi Nguyen-Kuok and colleagues in the Russian Federation and achieved certain results, paving the way for the research, manufacture and experiment of Thermal Plasma of the VinIT Institute of Technology later.

From April 2019, VinIT Institute of Technology has started to deploy the project of manufacturing and experiment thermal Plasma generator: researching and designing Plasma generator; cooperating with Hanoi Transformer Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HBT) to manufacture power supplies; planning experimental plans; deploy manufacturing, installing and adjusting …

During the implementation process, VinIT Institute of Technology met many difficulties and obstacles:

  • In addition to careful calculations of specifications, the inclusion of these parameters in the design and manufacturing process has encountered problems of machining, installation and materials used for plasma generators. These materials are specialized in order to ensure strict mechanical, dynamics and high-voltage electrical safety requirements;
  • With the main role of research, capital resource is one of the big challenges of VinIT Institute of Technology. While the projects of researching and manufacturing Plasma generators in the world need tens of millions of dollars, with the current difficult conditions, the collective of scientists and the Institute’s staff have tried to complete this project.

Although there are certain difficulties, but with the great efforts of VinIT Technology Institute experts, the support and cooperation of domestic and foreign units, after 4 months of preparation and completion into experiment systems, on August 22, 2019, VinIT Institute of Technology successfully experimented large-capacity Plasma generator.

Experiment of the large-capacity thermal Plasma generator on August 22, 2019
Experiment of the large-capacity thermal Plasma generator on August 26, 2019

Currently, VinIT Institute of Technology is continuing to design, improve, optimize and achieve some important results. With the goal of applying Plasma gasification technology to treat waste to minimize environmental pollution, the collective of scientists and officials of VinIT Institute of Technology will continue to make efforts to make Vietnam has become one of the leading technology-controlling countries in the world.


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