The love of the motherland of Vietnam and the confession from the heart of Prof. Nguyen Quoc Sy


Over 30 years of living and working in Russia, Prof. Nguyen Quoc Sy still decided to return, for one reason: “Vietnam is my country, where I was born”

The small house on Trang Thi street is divided into two, half is the living space of the family of Professor, Academician Nguyen Quoc Sy, the other half is for VinIT Institute of Technology – where patriotic scientists are lighting up their hopes. hope and desire to contribute to the homeland with plasma jets.

Each technology product is a proof to the love of the homeland and the desire of Professor and Academician Nguyen Quoc Sy.

Going to each technology product, touching each device he made, Professor Sy recalled his journey to scientific research, the journey back to his homeland and the pain of his unfinished dreams.

Homeland in the heart, always longing to return

As a child, the poor student Nguyen Quoc Sy wished to study well and become a scientist so that in the future, he would bring his wisdom and talent to build his homeland.

That dream kept growing, becoming the motivation for the boy during his years of studying at the school. At the age of 17, after graduating with honors from high school, a young man named Nguyen Quoc Sy passed the university entrance exam and was chosen to study in the Soviet Union.

30 years of experience with specialized research in the physics of Plasma technology. In 2006, Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy was awarded the Young Scientists Award by the President of the Russian Federation Putin. He was honored as an Academician of the Academy of Electrical Science and Technology of the Russian Federation in 2015.

Having achieved many successes in scientific research, received many invitations from units and developed countries, but Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy planned to return to his homeland – at that time, he was the Head of Plasma Energy Department, National Research University (MEI), Director of the Plasma Physics Laboratory.

Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy has chosen to return with his family to his homeland Vietnam to do scientific research and contribute to the country

In 2016, Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy participated in the establishment of VinIT Institute of Technology and was elected as Director. During 3 years, he went back and forth between Vietnam and Russia to secure work. Until 2020, he and his family returned to his hometown to live, devoting all his energy to the development of VinIT Institute of Technology.

“The years I spent abroad, the Vietnamese Fatherland was always in my heart, the image of ripe rice fields or winter afternoons in the evacuation area left me full of nostalgia.

If in Russia, I have a very good research fund, living, working and scientific career development. But I still want to return, for a simple reason: Vietnam is my country, where I was born.

Returning, I feel like I can live in the warm embrace of a mother’s love, letting each heartbeat of my breath blend into the flow of life in my homeland Vietnam.

And above all, our country is a developing country, lacking in science and technology, technology and research force. I think Vietnam needs me, needs scientists like us. I pledge to bring my heart to build and contribute to the country – that is also my desire since I was a child”, Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy confided.

Even so, returning is also not an easy decision, when the whole family has had a stable life in Russia, when the children were born, raised and studied in Moscow, they are used to the customs and culture, environment, Russian life.

Although knowing that there will be many disturbances in life, Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy’s small family is willing to sacrifice for the common work and for noble goals.

VinIT Institute of Technology, under the guidance of Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy, is a pioneer in plasma research.

The whole family hopes that VinIT Institute of Technology will turn Vietnam into a country that comes up from technology and own technology, thrives and sustains, which is also the holy dream of every Vietnamese.

“Currently, my children are studying at the Russian High School of the Russian Embassy. In addition to Russian culture, I want my children to absorb Vietnamese culture, in my family always educate them to preserve Vietnamese traditions, study and practice to serve the country.

In inventions of me and my colleagues, there may not be the names of family members, but there are always their silhouettes, encouragement, contributions and even sacrifices,” said Mr. Sy emotionally.

Painful because scientific inventions are still “sitting” in the laboratory

“VinIT Institute of Technology, although the amount of equipment, investment and personnel is modest, we have our own pride. And the greatest pride is the love of the homeland, the sense of responsibility to the country and the society of cadres and scientists, whether working at home or abroad.

That is shown by the work efficiency, the creative spirit of the whole team, 30 patent applications in the past two years are an explosion of knowledge and creativity and also a proof of the hard working journey of VinIT’s team of scientists”, said Professor Sy.

VinIT’s inventions cover all fields of application, demonstrating research capacity, breakthrough ability, extensive applicability, and multi-industry, based on plasma technology. In particular, VinIT Institute of Technology has many new technological inventions that are ready to be quickly applied to the market.

Recently, VinIT Institute of Technology has implemented a series of research projects on application of technology based on low temperature plasma, cold plasma, thermal plasma for environmental waste treatment, application of cold plasma technology for surface disinfection and elimination virus in the prevention of Covid-19, output treatment for agricultural products, food …

Facing many difficulties, the patriotic scientist still worked hard, researched and released many inventions of Plasma technology

“Our Vietnam is a country that came up from the agricultural industry, but the people still have too many difficulties with the situation of “good harvest season, devaluation”, we do not have many scientific applications in preserving agricultural products and food, so we cannot promote exports, even products that are exported and then returned.

Applying cold plasma technology, we have high expectations to help farmers and businesses export products to foreign countries with the best quality, “said Professor Sy.

At the time of the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, VinIT Institute of Technology also invented many useful products with the desire to join hands with the whole country to repel the epidemic, from the system of disinfection chambers to prevent cross-infection approved by Prof. Nguyen Quoc Sy and scientists upgraded to a plasma chamber system, used to disinfect and treat respiratory diseases with improvements to improve the effectiveness of disinfection and virus elimination.

VinIT Institute of Technology has also successfully researched, manufactured, and created a large-capacity plasma generator system that is ready to be applied to build plasma furnaces for hazardous solid wastes treatment and solve the current environmental dilemma.

In 2022, Professor Sy and his colleagues have also successfully researched the application of Plasma technology in the treatment of open wounds and can be applied in medicine. Putting all his heart into each scientific product, engrossed in new research, but until now, Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy still worries because his research is still “contained” in the laboratory.

“Our studies are purely in terms of technology and engineering, but to have a practical implementation application, and how we can do it is another story, and to do this depends not only on scientists but also needs a lot of cooperation from related ministries, departments and sectors.

We make core technology, if there is coordination in appraisal and implementation, Vietnam will be able to own that technology, which brings benefits to society, the country, and people”, Mr. Sy shared.

Professor Sy’s desire is that Vietnam can own core technology instead of having to buy technology from abroad at expensive prices.

According to Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy, the application of science and technology to the market currently has many difficulties and barriers. Specifically, the policy mechanism has not been completed, the policy at the macro level is very good, with the right orientation, but at the application implementation level, it is still confused, lacks regulations, and lacks people with experience in project implementation.

Our science and technology management organization system still has many shortcomings, especially in the stage of organizing and implementing science and technology projects.

Another difficulty comes from the market, our science and technology market is almost nonexistent or very small, the market is mainly imported machinery and equipment from abroad for use, but not enough to absorb inventions and new technologies in Vietnam.

Moreover, the investment budget for science and technology is still limited, our country is one of the countries with the lowest investment rate for science and technology. The investment resources for science and technology are also inappropriately distributed, many of our projects are not effective.

When the investment is already small but inefficient, technology applications cannot be brought to life, do not turn into reinvest cash flows for the next science and technology projects and not bring great value to society.

We are also lacking in high-tech projects in both quantity and quality, lack of organizational and technological knowledge, management knowledge, and even leading experts to lead science and technology projects.

Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy said that these are great difficulties that are holding back scientific development in Vietnam, with VinIT Institute of Technology, those difficulties also directly affect applied research.

In order to apply technology into practice, it is necessary to have a combination of scientists-state-enterprises, and it is necessary to open the mechanism to implement science and technology projects. Vietnam is a developing country, we have to move the country forward by the way of education, the way of science and technology.

In the coming time, VinIT Institute of Technology will have steps to transform, becoming a science and technology enterprise, not just doing research.

“Currently, we are coordinating and collaborating on big projects with foreign science and technology organization, and the ultimate goal is to serve the development of Vietnam.

And I believe that all of our scientists with enthusiasm, love and responsibility for the country are working hard, eager to dedicate themselves to the beloved country. We will continue to do research with that spirit and love,” said Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy.



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