The person who brings “precious capital” from abroad to serve the country


Successfully on the scientific path in Russia, Professor and Academician Nguyen Quoc Sy brought “precious capital” from abroad to Vietnam with the desire to serve the country. He hopes that the VinIT Institute of Technology that he is a founding member of will be one of the “nests” for the leading birds to return to.

Prof. Acad. Nguyen Quoc Sy was born in 1967 in Hanoi. He studied and built a scientific career in the Russian Federation. In which, there are more than 30 years of working with the field of physics and plasma technology. Since 2012, he has been an Academician of the International Academy of Systems Studies, and in 2015 an Academician of the Russian Academy of Electrical Sciences. He was awarded the Young Scientists Award by the President of the Russian Federation Putin.

Succeeding on the scientific path in Russia, but Prof. Acad. Nguyen Quoc Sy did not stop there, he brought his brains and valuable management experiences from abroad to Vietnam to join the establishment of the company. VinIT Institute of Technology (44A Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi). He served as Chairman of VinIT while being Dean of the Plasma Energy Faculty, National Research University (MEI, Russia), Director of the Plasma Physics Laboratory. When he first established VinIT, he often went back and forth between Russia and Vietnam, but in the last few years, he has stayed in Vietnam to devote himself to VinIT science.

“After living and working abroad for a long time, and returning home, I would like to bring scientific staff, research capacity as well as foreign investments in science and technology to Vietnam. I hope VinIT will be one of the “nests” for the leading birds who are overseas scientists to return. VinIT is realizing this idea with the participation of domestic and foreign scientists to contribute to society and the country”, said Prof. Acad. Nguyen Quoc Sy.

According to Prof. Acad. Nguyen Quoc Sy, scientists returning to Vietnam from abroad have certain valuable capitals such as: they have had time to interact with the scientific and technological organization and management systems of many countries; has been updated, directly doing science and technology projects of the world; When the children living far away from the country return to the country, they always want to dedicate themselves to serve the country and the community, partly to make up for the days away from their homeland.

Although established in 2016, the actual operation time of VinIT is about 4 years. During that time, Prof. Acad. Nguyen Quoc Sy and his colleagues have done many projects with high practical application efficiency. Among them are the main technologies of VinIT that have just been introduced at the Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements, held at 44 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Specifically, there is a Plasma System for biomedicine with: Plasma autoclave system for sterilization and treatment of respiratory diseases – PlasDIF-S; PlaSter-G1 biosafety autoclave system; Portable plasma disinfection system – PlasGun-G1 & PlasGun-G2; Air disinfection system – PlasAir-D1; Ion breathing apparatus – PlasMask-G1; PlasMed-S and PlaserMed small wound treatment equipment; PlasMed-L large wound treatment device; Endoscopic and dental plasma equipment – PlasMed-D.

Plasma systems for the environment include: Waste water treatment technology – PlasCoag and Hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water system – AlkaQua.

Plasma systems for the industry include Plasma systems for surface treatment for electronics, printing, coating, film forming, adhesives – PlaSurface.

Plasma system for agriculture has: Plasma autoclave system for processing and preserving agricultural products and food – PlasFarm–S; Plasma technology food processing and preservation line – PlasFarm–L; Dielectric barrier discharge plasma activated water generation system – PlasAQua-D1 and arc discharge PlasAQua-E1; PlasAQua-A1 corona discharge plasma activated water generation system; PlasAQua-G1 plasma-activated water-generating GAD sliding arc discharge system.

Besides, Professor Nguyen Quoc Sy also introduced to the exhibition thermal plasma projects of VinIT Institute of Technology.

Experts and people learn about VinIT’s technology products at the exhibition

Source: Vietnamese Catholic Newspaper, 39th year – Spring Quarter issue 2023


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