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Sci-tech InformationTHE WORLD REVOLUTION IS BEGINNING! For now free electricity...

THE WORLD REVOLUTION IS BEGINNING! For now free electricity…

In the United States launched the production of magnetic turbine generators. At the beginning of 2019, the American company IEC, the first in the world, began the official mass production of BTG generators on magnetic pull.

Generators have power from 7 to 25 kW, and were called the “Earth engine”. Mass – from 2 to 3 tons. Principle of action: unbalanced systems on neodymium magnets with shielding of counteraction zones. The company itself emphasizes that they are not “perpetual motor”, but can work in continuous mode for many years.

A Brief Tour of the IEC Factory Floor

The first buyers (or rather, customers, since the IEC company does not sell generators, but offers a supply of electricity produced locally from the client) were firms in the state of Arizona. It is known that the company has been working on the generator for more than 8 years, 25 prototypes were manufactured.

In addition to IEC, Infinity SAV (South Korea) also manufactures magnetic generators, with capacities 5 kW and 10 kW.

Infinity SAV Electromagnetic Generator 10kW

Electromagnetic Generator – Prototype for 10kW (Infinity SAV)


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