The World’s first Magnetic Propulsion Engine


Since 30.05.2019, the first magnetic propulsion engine in the world has been launched officially in the United States. The engine has a capacity of about 25 kW, operates continuously 24/7, requires no energy or fuel, no noise and environmental pollution, no waste. Video ‘Crystal’ Earth Engine – a revolutionary new laboratory scale engine that can change the way the world creates power streaming live 24/7 on the page

Crystal is a fully transparent laboratory scale model of the Inductance Energy Earth Engine. The Earth Engine utilizes the ‘push’ created between two opposing permanent magnets to drive large flywheels to create mechanical power. Crystal is designed solely as a demonstration Engine to demonstrate the attenuation of two opposing magnetic fields ‘pushing’ a heavy flywheel to create power to drive a generator. Crystal’s flywheel weighs in at 622 pounds (270kg) and is limited to 100 RPMs or less due to the strength of its acrylic main shaft. In comparison, commercial Earth Engine models can run at several hundred RPMs.

The basic structure consists of magnetic magnets that are arranged diagonally, staggered together so that when it comes from external activation, it creates a torque to turn the flywheel. Flywheel via transmission connected to the generator engine.

Of course “eternity” here is only relative and only means that people do not need to recharge their input, but the energy conservation law is still absolutely correct.

In this case, the magnetism of the magnets due to the internal activation current and this current is supplemented by the magnetic energy from the outside of the earth or a form of external energy from the universe, which the scientists have in the past. still called dark energy. This is just a hypothesis.

In order to explain the principle of operation and the energy source of an eternal engine, additional in-depth studies are required.

But the actual application can go ahead with theoretical research, even lead theoretical research in the right direction. In any case, the invention of an eternal magnetic motor and a new, clean, unlimited form of energy have tremendous significance for human civilization.

We are witnessing a historic moment when our civilization turns into a new page with a tremendous growth in all areas thanks to this new energy source.

Professor Shi Nguyen-Kuok

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