Treatment of domestic waste by Plasma in Israel


Israel is at the forefront of developing the latest technologies to solve the problem of waste treatment. Using an environment-friendly domestic waste treatment method, a complex of this type, located not far from Karmiel city, is called a technological breakthrough.

However, this development does not only belong to Israel. This is a joint project of scientists from Russia, Ukraine, and Israel, which started in Moscow, at the Kurchatov Atomic Energy Institute. The principle of treating domestic waste at the factory is based on plasma technology, which does not adversely affect the environment. Therefore, this factory has received the name “Environmental Energy Resources” (Clean Energy Resources). In addition, this factory is much more economical than all the factories using other treatments.

Figure 1. System Plasma technology

Severe situation of waste in the world

Domestic waste has long been one of the most difficult problems in the world. For comparison, consider the following data. About 240 million tons of waste is generated each year in the United States, including the fourth-class hazardous waste. About the same amount of garbage is collected at equal time intervals in Europe. Everywhere in the world, the two main methods for removing unnecessary waste are landfill or incineration.

Countries like Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, about 50% of all waste, including hazardous waste levels 1-4, are burned. The UK, Norway, and Spain bury up to 75% of the waste. In Japan, most of the waste that is burned (up to 78%) and recycles domestic waste is an integral part of the industry due to the lack of free areas that can be disposed of by landfill.

In Israel situation of waste is quite seriously, 80% of waste in this country is buried. A state with a population of about 7 million people produces 6 million tons of garbage annually, including hazardous waste levels 1-4. That is why the project of plasma for waste treatment is implemented here.

Figure 2

Features of domestic waste treatment by plasma torch (Plasmatron)

Israel’s factory treats a ton of domestic waste every hour. Advanced technology does not release harmful substances and gases, which are often formed during the process of domestic waste treatment under other conditions. At high temperatures (up to 1500°C) in the plasma torch, the process of product decomposition takes place at the molecular level.

In a short time, domestic waste undergoes various stages of processing in plasmatron, and as a result, a shiny black substance is formed, after solidification similar to quartz. The amount of new material in volume is 50 times less than the original waste. This product is applicable to asphalt, building materials, and other industries. The factory has a special environmental monitoring system that allows monitoring the state of the environment.


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