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Our Tech projectsIon breathing system for the treatment of respiratory diseasesVinIT Institute of Technology organizes plasma technology exhibition on October 29, 2021

VinIT Institute of Technology organizes plasma technology exhibition on October 29, 2021

At 15:00 on October 29, 2021, VinIT Institute of Technology held a plasma technology exhibition at 44A Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. Attending the exhibition were representatives of the Center for Training and Support for Technology Market Development (NATEC/VCIC), Ministry of Science and Technology; State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, People’s Television Station and the collective of scientific staff and collaborators of VinIT Institute of Technology.

At the exhibition, Prof. Nguyen Quoc Sy introduced plasma technologies applied to the fields of sterilization, biomedicine, and agriculture; electrocoagulation technology for wastewater treatment, electrolysis technology to produce alkaline ionized water. In particular, Prof. Nguyen Quoc Sy introduced a new technology to apply plasma technology to process most of the surface of materials such as metal, glass, plastic, etc. The post-processed material has a large surface energy that helps to increase adhesion, has great application potential for printing technology, surface spraying, thin film, surface treatment of electronic materials, solar cells, etc.

Surface treatment plasma technology
Surface untreated with plasma technology (Left) and treated (Right)


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