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News & EventNewsThe high technology for the present, the future and the past

The high technology for the present, the future and the past


Vietnam Institute of Technology is the name decided to set up for research center that Vietnamese and Russian scientists have established. One of the project initiators, Professor Moscow Power Engineering Institute Shi Nguyen-Kuok, Russian Academy of Electrical Science and Technology has informed Sputnik this news.

The preparation for the establishment of the Vietnam Institute of Technology has been carried out in recent years, the project received unanimous support at the scientific conference held in Vietnam in 2015. The objectives of the Institute is to become Scientific research platform of Vietnamese and Russian scientists as well as colleagues from other countries wishing to participate in researching many practical fields. The most focused will be energy. Here, Vietnam and Russia have very long-term, diverse and effective cooperation. It is worth mentioning that the largest hydropower and hydropower plants in Vietnam were built with the participation of Russian representatives, training hundreds of Vietnamese energy experts in Russia. Moscow Power Engineering Institute, where professor Shi Nguyen-Kuok is working, is one of the few universities in Russia to receive two State Medals from Vietnam for his contributions to training Vietnamese experts.

Among the important research directions of Vietnam Institute of Technology will be environmental protection. A very practical topic for the country that possesses a dynamic economy but most territories come with mountains and rivers. To build any new facility, – the Vietnamese scientist commented, – it should be at the top of the project not only the economic feasibility but also the ecological safety issue. Here, linking research values of Vietnamese and Russian scientists will benefit both countries.

The technologies that the new research institute is expected to work will have the opportunity to apply widely not only in production and scientific research. It is possible to exploit them effectively in practical issues such as preserving ancient relics, especially the My Son temple complex which has been included in the list of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

With My Son, work cooperation has begun. A group of Russian colleagues were here at professor Shi Nguyen-Kuok’s initiative. Their purpose is to protect ancient relics from the negative effects of time and climate.

“There is very high humidity and strong solar radiation,” said MEI Professor Sergey Nefyodkin. – Water seeps into bricks and escapes due to temperature changes that erode minerals in bricks, leading to cracking of materials. Cracks develop and come into contact with biological effects – the emergence of sprouting roots affects more on ancient building materials. We have proposed a unique protection technology. Meticulously clean the relic surface to return to the original temple appearance, then cover with a transparent film. This type of membrane has and is used, for example, in the energy industry to protect equipment from corrosion. ”

There will be no major changes on the surface of the monument, the coating gives a unique quality. Rain water, moisture condensation slips on the protective layer and leaves no trace. This is an extremely important factor – limiting the effects of water on porous construction materials dating back 1,500 years.

Alexei Syunnerberg

Resource: vn.sputniknews.com


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