Fundamental Electrochemical Water Treatment Methods

Electrochemical water treatment is related to the physicalechemical water treatment methods. Electrochemical treatment is characterized by multistage and relative complexity of physical and chemical phenomena occurring in electrochemical reactors (electrolyzers). The mechanism and rate of occurrence of the individual reaction steps are dependent on many factors, which have to be identified to determine the optimal reactor design and conditions for its operation.

Environmentally Friendly Medical Waste Recycling Using Plasma-Gasification -Melting (PGM) and Wet Scrubbing Technology

A plasma gasification melting (PGM) technology has been developed to transform waste into synthesis gas and products suitable for construction materials. The core of the technology was developed at the Kurchatov Institute in Russia and has been used for more than a decade for the treatment of low and intermediate level radioactive waste in Russia. It is applicable to municipal solid waste (MSW), municipal effluent sludge, industrial waste and medical waste
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