VinIT Institute of Technology continues to test high-capacity Thermal Plasma generator


On 04/10/2019, VinIT Institute of Technology continues to test high-capacity thermal Plasma generator. The objectives of the test are to check the stability of the Plasma generator system and power supply after making appropriate adjustments to the Plasma generator and changing the system placement.

Plasma generator system has optimized a number of parameters: electricity, gas and water systems are fine-tuned; the measurement system and control parts are optimized.

Plasma torches
Power supply system
Gas and water system

The test has achieved some remarkable results: Plasma generator capacity has increased by 1.5 times compared to the last test, plasma is concentrated and less disturbance; Plasma generator systems and associated electric, gas and water systems operate stably. Based on that successful test, Scientists of VinIT Institute of Technology aim to adjust the appropriate parameters to continue increasing the capacity of Plasma generator and ensure stable system operation.


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