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Tin tức & Sự kiệnVăn bản7 Mẹo để Thu hút Nhân tài đẳng cấp Thế giới

7 Mẹo để Thu hút Nhân tài đẳng cấp Thế giới

7 Tips For Attracting World-Class Talent

You can’t shrink your way into prosperity

As the economy picks up, it’s time for business owners and entrepreneurs to stop thinking about survival and start thinking about growth. To position yourself for the good times ahead, you need talent. And not just any talent…world-class talent. You want people who could be game-changers in your organization. Ask yourself what talents you need for your business to grow and expand. If you’re hiring the right talent at the right time, you’re going to grow.

But you won’t be alone in seeking those top-tier people. As the economy heats up, so will competition for the best talent. There are ways other than money to improve your odds.

7 tips to compete for top talent:

  • You have to have a story to tell. Talented candidates want to know what they’re getting into. You must be able to articulate what you’re all about and what you have to offer. Paint a picture they want to step into.
  • You have to define what it is you want. Write down your expectations and how the person filling the position can meet them. Hire for the need, not the person. In other words, organizational needs should always drive hiring decisions. Don’t write a job description around an individual.
  • Seek balance. People are generally hired for their cognitive intelligence, but they’re often fired for their lack of emotional intelligence. Assuming your candidate has the right skill set, ask yourself if they’ll contribute to the culture of your organization.
  • Be available. Keep candidates in the loop about your decision-making process. Let them know if you’re really interested in them. If there are reasons you can’t give them an answer right away, tell them. Don’t leave them hanging.
  • Be thorough in your background check. Go beyond the resumé. Conduct a disciplined competency-based interview. Just because someone has a great personality doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right for the job. Hire slowly; fire quickly. The wrong person can do a great deal of damage to your organization.
  • Be flexible. With high quality people, you may find things they value more than others. Consider making concessions if they can still get the job done.
  • Be willing to pull the trigger. You have to be able to close the deal. Don’t lose a great candidate because you didn’t act to hire him or her before someone else.


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