Military University of Science and Technology (Le Quy Don Technical University )


Le Quy Don Technical University or Le Quy Don University of Science and Technology(Vietnamese: Đại học Kỹ thuật Lê Quý Đôn), founded 1966, is one of the national key universities in Vietnam that offers multidisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate training in engineering, technology and management. This university is also one of the largest technical universities in Vietnam.

Providing a continuing source of workforce with highly qualified specialists and engineers in the field of science and technology for industrialization and modernization of the country.
Being one of the national key universities in Vietnam, one of the national top universities of science and technology.
Providing civilian engineers, Masters of Science and Doctors of Philosophy
Providing military engineers, Masters of Science, Doctors of Philosophy and technical staff officers
Conducting scientific research and transferring technology
Educating foreign students


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