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Chưa được phân loạiMechanism and application of cold plasma technology for medicine

Mechanism and application of cold plasma technology for medicine

Cold plasma technology applied to medicine is a new field of research and application in the past few decades. According to the evaluation of world-renowned experts, cold plasma is considered a revolution for medicine, because they have great potential in the treatment of diseases such as cancer treatment, shingles; treatment of infected wounds, necrosis of surgical wounds, diabetic ulcers, application in cosmetic acne treatment, gum treatment …

The factors that make up cold plasma for medicine include:

+ The impact of electron particles on the cell walls;

+ Antiseptic effect of Ozone;

+ The effect of ultraviolet rays;

+ Antiseptic effect of RNS;

+ Antiseptic effect of ions in excited state OH-; O * etc.

Cold plasma has a number of specific mechanisms to help treat wounds:

+ Kill / inactivate microorganisms;

+ Separation of cells from networks as well as from clusters of cells;

+ Influence / stimulation of cell proliferation and angiogenesis;

+ Change the permeability of the cell membrane (can recover itself);

+ Impact on DNA (can recover by itself);

+ Affects the function of protein membrane / adhesive structure at the cell surface;

+ Stimulating metabolism of microorganisms.

With specific mechanisms for wound healing, cold plasma has the following uses and advantages:

+ Clean and disinfect wound surfaces;

+ Stimulating and accelerating wound healing: tissue regeneration, cell proliferation, angiogenesis;

+ Effective against all tested pathogens, including multi-resistant bacteria;

+ No side effects or drug resistance;

+ Pain relief, itching and discomfort, no need for anesthesia;

+ No damage of deeper skin layer;

+ Deep into hair follicles and other compartments;

+ Easy to use, accurate to each point.

The development of cold plasma technology for medicine is extremely necessary, meeting the needs of wound treatment and contributing to the protection of health, improving the quality of life. VinIT Institute of Technology is the unit that has conducted research and development of cold plasma technology for medicine in recent years and achieved certain results. With initial successes, mastering and applying plasma technology for medicine in practice will create the premise to apply plasma technology to other areas of life.


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