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Chưa được phân loạiVinIT Institute of Technology continues to research and testing cold plasma equipment...

VinIT Institute of Technology continues to research and testing cold plasma equipment for medical

The application of cold plasma to health has achieved impressive achievements in many countries, first of all to the developed industrial countries such as the US, Germany, Russia, Japan, Israel and so on. Cold plasma is revolutionizing medicine, because it has great potential in the treatment of disease.

The project of cold plasma application for healthcare has been Prof. Shi Nguyen-Kuok launched research from 2015 at Plasma Laboratory, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”. The research has achieved certain results, paving the way for VinIT’s current cold plasma research projects.

Cold plasma experiments in Russia

Since starting to deploy Plasma technology for health in Vietnam in January 2019, the cold plasma laboratory of VinIT Institute of Technology has studied, tested and achieved many good results in creating plasma generators. With the following advantages: smooth, not hot, painless, good bactericidal. The device is actually tested on wounds and has been applied for treatment at some of hospitals and medical facilities.

Curing ulcers for diabetics in Ho Chi Minh City
Cold plasma experiments at VinIT Institute of Technology


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